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Listen to Christie Lee talking about her addiction.

Discover an interesting job : urban planner

Acid rains, overfishing...

Listen to people talking about their jobs as well as jobs descriptions

4 sets of activities linked with social media (B1/B2)

Reading Poetry

Top 5 tips for performing poetry, presented by writer and speaker Renee M. LaTulippe (B2).

If you're interested in technology...

If you're into aeronautics...

Mainly my master's students lessons...

Mistakes travelers make while on vacation

Ideal support to work on giving advice.
Work on the vocabulary and on the video

Wanna play bingo. Here's what you need for your class... (A1)

Recipes, and more...

Biking to work

Tips for bikiing to work. (B1 / B2)
Activity 1 - Activity 2 - Matching


What is boulderclimbing?
Activity 1 - Activity 2

Simple tips to lose weight

Not that we need it, of course...
(B1 / B2) Activity 1 - Activity 2 - Activity 3 - Matching

Blended learning, flipped classroom and much more

Lots of lessons about the catering industry