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Work on this video, you'll learn plenty of things. Video - Vocabulary

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Waiter Training: Steps of Service

Un travail à partir de cette vidéo.
Les fichiers audio - Travail sur le texte

How to use thermometers?

1) Listen to this audio extract. Take notes and be ready to report to the group.
2) Work on the text and the vocabulary.
3) Take the quiz.


Un travail à parti de cette vidéo.

Oral comprehension

  1. Watch the video. What is it about? Take notes and be ready to report in English to the group. You may use the subtitles if it is too difficult.

  2. Pick out the sentence Jane uses to introduce herself to the patrons.

  3. What drink is she trying to push forward?

  4. What appetizer do they respectively order?

  5. Pick out an example of a sentence used by the patrons to order something..

  6. What is today's soup?

  7. What wines has the sommelier chosen?

  8. What fish does the lady order? What does the waitress propose? What's her argument?

  9. What desserts does she propose?

  10. What else does she propose after dessert?

  11. What does the lady order as a starter?

  12. What does the waitress suggest?

Written comprehension

Read the text and pick out the teacher's advice

Finally work on the video and the vocabulary. Vocabulary list on Quizlet.

For further practice : this video presents similar content.