Instructional design.

What do intructional designers do ?

Blended Learning

What exactly is Blended Learning? How does it work? Get ready to learn lots of things about it and be able to talk about it.

Using Custom Graphics for eLearning Design

Using images for your website or Elearning course is always tricky. Here's some good advice.

Creating an Elearning Portfolio

Lets get some good advice from professionals.

Should You Use Script For Systems Training Videos?

Ant is giving us advice on whether we should write a script or not.

Making a video resume

Here are 4 video resumes. video 1 - video 2 - video 3 - video 4

For each resume, try to find:

Language: interesting vocabulary or sentences (what can we learn from it).
Things you have liked.
Things you haven't liked.

Work on some tips for your video resume