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Une activité d'association pour travailler du vocabulaire lié à la pédagogie. Les mots sont associés à leur définition en anglais.

Plus de 200 expressions en rapport avec l'éducation ou la pédagogie (français / anglais)


Assessing students / Self assessment

Assessing : different kinds of assessment

10 creative self assessment ideas. Pick out 2 methods and explain them to the group.

Have you ever used (some of) these methods ?

Digital tools for self-assessment. Have you ever used any? Which ones can you think of?

Watch this video and take notes. Be ready to explain to the group. Do not hesitate to steal sentences or expressions.

An example.


Escape games

Escape games

What do you know? What are the components of an escape game in a classroom?

Do some quick research (in English) for 10 minutes.

  1. Write some Key words (not sentences)

  2. What can you share about your findings?



Digital tools?

Work on a definition of escape games.

Work on a definition of gamification. Listen from 2.40 to 5.30 and take notes.

Focus on
- the definition of gamification,
- the 3 examples


Watch this video (you can start at 1.05), Take notes. List all the steps described by the teacher and write down

Less easy

Watch this video from 2.20 to 6.00. Write down some keywords and list all the steps described by the teacher.

Definitely less easy

Listen to this guy, he's just brilliant.

  • What is he going to talk about? Watch from 1.00 to 1.28

  • How does an escape room work? What are his observations? Watch from 3.53 to 4.55

  • Can you understand his activity? (6.37 to 9.18

  • 2 myths of game-based learning(13.38 to 15.40)

  • Let's now focus on his conclusion (15.41 -> end)

Improve your digital skills.How to create digital locks with Google Forms.

What Is Differentiated Instruction?

Activity 1 : Think for 2 minutes and tell the group what comes to your mind.

Activity 2. Watch one of these videos and get ready to report to the group.

Do not hesitate to use the subtitles and borrow instructions.

Does anything strike you as being different from here?

Video 1 : primary school :

Video 2 : Differentiating Instruction: A Guide for Teaching English-Language Learners

Activity 3. Listen to Carol Ann Tromlinson. Can you sum up this interview in French?

Activity 4. 15 Differentiated Instruction Strategies;

  1. Watch the video :

  2. Work on the vocabulary pertaining to the topic.

For further knowledge :

Can you extract the main ideas from this student's speech?

This video is a bit longer (22mn) but very interesting, especially for primary teachers.

Distance learning : Meeting the Needs of Students -

What Are Social Emotional Skills? How Can You Improve Them?

Social skills are defined as “The abilities necessary to get along with others and to create and maintain satisfying relationships.” On the other hand, emotional skills of emotional intelligence is defined as “The ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.” (Psychology Today)

Task : why is that important for educators?

Task : Listen and try to find more reasons. Now work on the text.

Psychologists define 5 categories of social emotional skills. Watch this video to know more.

Task : watch the video again and focus on one skill. Take notes and be ready to present it to the group.

  • Self-awareness :

  • Self-management

  • Social awareness

  • Relationship skills

  • Decision-making

Task : work on the vocabulary and the text.

It is estimated that there are 15 social emotional skills around The Big Five traits with an additional compound skill.

Task : Can you match them?

Social and emotional learning: Trish Shaffer at TEDxUniversityofNevada : Don't hesitate to use the subtitles. Lots of interesting words pertaining to the topic.

Task : work on the script of the video

For further knowledge

Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Skills : This 28-minute video highlights strategies and approaches that early childhood personnel and families can use to systematically target social emotional supports that build young children’s skills in a variety of areas including making friends, problem solving, asking an adult for help,

Librarian teachers

What do they do exactly? Find out with this activity.
Work on the vocabulary (odt format)