Letter to Santa

The letter to Santa - One of the best stories I’ve heard....

You can listen to it here. The purpose of this course will be to help you being able to tell it.


General comprehension

1) What objects did Tommy ask for?
Why did he ask for these objects?

Let's go more in detail

Let's now check how much you have understood.

Task : express yourself. Can you tell the story; Help each other out. Do you need some help with the vocabulary before you do that? Don't hesitate to write down what you will need.

Going further

Isn't there anything strange in this story? Is the ending the one we were expecting? What was your reaction?
What kind of story is it?
Fill in the blanks to make sure you have understood. Make sure you write down somewhere all the important words.

Focus on vocabulary

Work on the nouns - verbes. - adjectifs. The more time you hear the story, the easier it will be to remember it.

Improve your grammar

Expressing condition - used to (and also more work on used to here).

Work more in details on some sentences. These activities will be of great help if you struggle a bit.

Train your ears

There are 10 mistakes to find. Listen and pay attention.

Keep practicing with all the activities above and you should normally, with a bit of practice, be able to tell the full story.

Les membres peuvent télécharger le script, une activité CO ainsi que l'audio dans l'espace membres. Comme devenir membre ?

My thanks to Aym Moreau for the recording.