Andy Warhol


The painting known as Campbell’s Soup Cans is on permanent display at the MOMA in New York. Warhol and adopted commercial processes when he a commercial illustrator. He using them in paintings in late 1961. The Campbell’s soup pictures among the earliest silk-screen paintings, although he with dollar bills. He that the way silk-screening imitated mass manufacture a good way to show his own ideas about modernity in art. He abstract impressionism some years before. He magazine illustration techniques to make his own images.
Warhol the work in California in 1962. It his first one-man show, although he his work in galleries in New York. Following this California exhibition, he famous on the west coast. From then on, he to images of mass consumption, in the same way as Liechtenstein to comic-book style art.
Indeed, Warhol up on comic strip work himself because he that Liechtenstein so good. The soup cans for him the symbol of Pop art. By the end of the sixties, the soup cans, like Marilyn Monroe, people instantly think of Warhol.