Campbell's soup cans


Campbell’s Soup Cans is a series of realist silk-screen paintings measuring 1ft 8ins by 1ft 4ins each. It belongs to the Pop-Art movement of which Warhol a pioneer.
There are 32 different pictures in the 1962 work, which is not always displayed in the 8-by-4 rectangle shown in the MOMA. Indeed Warhol any particular order. The first one, however, Tomato Soup which was Campbell’s original start to their soup line. Warhol each silk-screen painting as he it, from a list supplied by the brand.
The bare red and white colour scheme thus follows that used by Campbells. The only apparent difference between each image is that of the flavours. This a deliberate choice for Warhol, who to show the mechanical, automated aspect of the consumer age. We should not forget that he once : “I want to be a machine”.
The pictures look like something off a supermarket shelf. They seem to lack any kind of social commentary. Warhol popular or ‘mass’ culture, on the contrary, he it. He happy to make references to advertising, which the perfect symbol of the ordinary man’s consumer culture. After all, this the consumer age and Warhol to break away from abstract expressionism, which the major art movement since the war.
It is hard to come to a definite opinion about what he . the work a criticism of capitalism, because of the idea that art unique, and , and therefore ‘without a soul’? Was he saying that mankind like this? But he often that he having money and the company of stars like Elizabeth Taylor, so why would he hate capitalism? Each spectator must make up his own mind .