Andy Warhol - a biography

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The American artist Andy Warhol, whose real name Andrew Warhola, in Pennsylvania in 1928 and in New York in 1987.
He the son of Czech immigrants. He at Carnegie Institute of Technology and an advertising artist in New York, which he . He for magazines like The New Yorker.
He to paint, beginning with pictures of Popeye in 1960. But he comics when he that Liechtenstein them.
So he to copy mass-market products using silk-screen painting. He Campbell’s soup can labels and Coca-Cola bottles the stars of his pictures. His works quickly successful.
In 1962 he to work on photographs of stars, like the now-famous Marilyn series. His technique to take black-and-white photos, colour them in and then silk-screen them. He the king of Pop Art and over the New York underground art scene. The Factory, his workshop, in 1962 and many cultural events including concerts by Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground rock band.
Warhol world-famous as a painter, music producer, actor and art-world figure. Although he still controversial, a lot of his work and studied since his death. He as one of the most famous 20th century artists.