Historic, social and artistic background

Pop-Art in England with the Independent Group, a group of several kinds of artists who to escape intellectual art like Primitive art or Abstract expressionism and to bring modern technology into art.
In America Pop-Art popular in the sixties with Warhol, Liechtenstein and Jasper Johns. Pop-Art everyday objects into art and the power of images.
The word ‘Pop’ from ‘popular’ and ordinary objects as symbols of art which should be easy to understand, like advertising for a child. Pop art art down from its pedestal and it as something cheap and common, like mass-produced industrial consumer goods. This is why industrial processes like photography and silk-screen painting .
As a result, the artistic gesture absent and the work no longer unique. This approach in other fields like architecture and furniture design, of which the Sacco armchair (1968) an example.
After the 2nd World War, the political balance of the world . Europe poor and exhausted and reconstruction. On the other hand, the USA rich and its industries powerful. An era of prosperity and material wealth and in the 60s pop art this.