Travel guides Wales – Top cultural attractions

The culture, traditions, and especially the language of this European country are distinctive.
Welcome to and today we’re learning more about the attractions of Wales.
Literature has always been an important part in culture, with its literary tradition dating as far back as the 6th century.
The country is extremely proud of its . For instance a residence of late poet Dylan Thomas, known as the Boat House, has been transformed into a that is open to the public. It is located in the town of Laugharne which is notable for its Georgian town houses and the Laugharne .
There is no shortage of museums when you come to Wales.
Tourists are often drawn to Saint Fangan´s national history museum in south Wales.
is free to this open air museum which stands in the grounds of Saint Fagans castle and gardens, and documents Welsh history, goods, buildings and exhibitions.
Another national museum is the Roman legionary museum and . The museum is located in Caerleon which lies inside of the Isca Augusta .
The Oriel Ynys Môn museum and provides historical and cultural insight on the isle of Anglesey through permanent displays such as Sir Kyffin Wiliam’s collection.
Environmentalists can take a tour of the centre for alternative in Powys which teaches sustainable development and living, the main attractions of the centre are its interactive exhibits including those displaying wind and solar .
Whether it´s beautiful art, literary figures or even historical context you’re , Wales has got a cultural spot just for you.
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