1. He used to fat but now he's thin.
2. I used to in that house over there.
3. I used to to school with her.
4. She's changed. She didn't use to red hair.
5. She used to much fatter.
6. In the 1950's English people used to to the radio much more than they do now.
7. Supertramp used to very popular when I was young.
8. When I was young, I didn't use to so early.9.
9. Britain used to an Empire.
10. He used to but he stopped when he met his girlfriend.
11. I used to that he was really intelligent but I' ve changed my mind.
12. He used to a lot of money.
13. When I was young, I used to a uniform at school.
14. I didn't use to her but now I do.
15. I used to there but I left for a better-paid job.
16. There used to a lot of people in that bar.