Urban planning

1) In the future, cities will have to be able to .
2) Making people give up their cars won't be something that's easily .
3) The is that people are moving to the cities.
4) Statistics and confirm this fact.
5) Beijing is a very populated city.
6) People will want good systems in their houses.
7) Making people give up using their car is a cities will have to overcome.
8) It will be hard for people to using their cars.
9) People want to travel long distances in the shortest of time possible.
10) The theory that the more density you have, the more feasible public transport becomes.
11) The Internet has our social space.
12) In all major cities, urbanization has greatly with the last 20 years.
13) Cities will have to their energy.
14) In the future, cities will have to be able to .
15) What do you in the future?
16) It is interesting to have the opinion of an expert in .
17) People should be able to choose they want to walk or cycle or bus.
18) She is an expert in urban planning, and , in transport