Tucson Arizona - Vocabulary activity

1. When Tony met Mary, he asked her for a .
2. The of the bar was interviewed by the sheriff, but he couldn't give much information.
3. Tony's car was in the sand.
4. Mary didn't much as a waitress, only $3.15 an hour.
5. Tony his father and his brother. This can explain his anger.
6. The sheriff and his colleague will the murder
7. Tony often felt he had no friends.
8. Mary had a roommate, both the apartment.
9. Mary could not to pay for the apartment on her own.
10. Tony must have tried to Mary, she fought back and he finally killed her.
11. The sheriff quickly understood that Tony had beacuse he had a gun in his hand.
12. The was too expensive for Mary, the only solution was sharing the cost of the apartment.
13. Mary should have been more and not go for a drive with a stranger.
14. When Mary was found, she had been for a few hours.
15. It is very in Tucson, all the houses are equipped with air conditionning,
16. Mary alone in the desert.
17. The in Tucson is unbearable.
18. The car was covered with sand up to the .
19. Tony's mom was really when she didn't see her son.
20. Tony killed in his car when he realized what he had done,