My travels

I have not travelled much in my life but I have visited a few .I have been to England, Spain, and Germany. I went to Germany with the school.

Last year, we to Ireland with my parents. The trip 2 weeks. We drove to Britanny and a ferry. On the ferry, we a cabin. It was fun, but I sea-sick. We stayed on the boat 12 hours.

We arrived in Dubin in the morning. We drive on the left. It was funny.

our stay, we visit castles and museums, we drove through the Conemara. We in a few restaurants but most of the time, we had picnics. We slept in Bed & Breakfast but they were a bit expensive. I drink any Guiness.

We a lot of photos and a few souvenirs. I 8 euros for a tee-shirt.

It was a wonderful trip.