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Travel Tips

Hi, welcome to, I'm your host Leila.
People always tend to something when they're packing. Today, I'll provide you with the basic check-list for what to on your carry-on.
Let's with the obvious: always some cash, and your important identification cards and credit cards.
If you want to memories of your trip, your camera in your carry-on so it doesn't get broken in your luggage. And any relevant information like hotel reservation or your e-tickets in advance to keep them handy.
These items will help make your trip more enjoyable.
Airplanes are cold, so bring a warm sweater, and air is usually dry, so bring some lip balm.
For longer flights, bring some reading material or perhaps some music.
If you on catching any sleep, bring an eye mask. And in case the person besides you talks too much or too loud, you'll be happy to have some ear plugs.
To keep your ears from popping during take-off and landing, bring something to suck on.
you carry-on is not always for the flight itself, it's also for in the event that your luggage gets lost or you make any unexpected overnight pitstop somewhere. Bring an entire extra outfit, an extra pair of socks and extra underwear. Don't forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, and any vitamins or medications or you take regularly.
these steps. Hopefully you won't forget anything and you'll have an enjoyable flight.
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