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If you’re looking for things to do and see in Toronto. Here are the top five we recommend you check out.
Number one : CN tower
The CN tower is Canada’s most recognizable . It is the world’s tallest building and free-standing structure with views of Toronto. At a of one thousand eight hundred fifty feet five inches, it is Canada’s national , an important telecommunications hub and the center of in Toronto with more than two million international annually. Things to do in the tower shopping, eating over one thousand feet above ground at the revolving three hundred and sixty and of course enjoying the .
Number two : Castle Casa Loma
Casa Loma is Canada’s famous complete with 98 rooms, decorated suites secret passages,stately towers and estate gardens. A visit to Toronto’s grand castle is like stepping back into the Edwardian era. Outside, you will find a five acre estate with gardens offering dazzling colors, sculptures and . The onsite cafe and gift shop offer delicate food, and breathtaking views.
Number three : Chinatown
Chinatown. Toronto has one of the Chinatowns in North America. The Toronto region now has six Chinatowns: three are located within the city’s while the others three are located in adjacent suburbs that have emerged over the last fifteen years or so.
On weekends, the are crammed with open-air food stalls, vendors and thousands of people for all backgrounds eager to shop, eat and socialize.
Number four : Sky dome
Skydome became the new home of the Toronto Bluejays, on Monday June fifth of 1989, it is the first stadium with a roof, allowing any sports to be played indoors or outdoors. From the artificial to the one hundred and sixty-one private sky boxes, the finest to detail was given, the jumbotron video display board is the largest video display board in North America, second largest in the world next to Japan’s.
Number five : The royal ontario museum
Commonly known as the ROM, it is a museum for the world’s culture and national history in Toronto. it is the fifth largest museum in North America and contains more than six items. It has collections of dinosaurs, near eastern and African art, east Asian art, European history and history.
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