The story of the Titanic.

1. Fill in the blanks with verbs in the preterit.

On April 10th 1912, the Titanic, the largest, most luxurious liner in the world, left Southampton on her first voyage across the Atlantic: On board there were 1,306 passengers and 899 officers and crew. Six days later, the Titanic, described as "unsinkable", was at the bottom of the ocean and only 700 survivors reached New York on board the Carpathia.
What exactly happened? Read the chronology of events and the survivors' own accounts which are taken from The Times of April 20th, 1912.
April 10th. 1912. The Titanic Southampton. Captain Smith to take the northern route­ - the shorter, summer route. He to win the "Blue Ribbon for the fastest crossing.
April l2th. A French liner a message to the Tita­nic to warn them that there dangerous icebergs ahead.
Sunday, April l4th. The Titanic three more messages about a dangerous "field of ice"
Sunday evening. An American boat, the Californian, a final warning to Captain Smith. The Cali­fornian all her engines and floated near the icebergs. The Titanic at full speed towards the ice.
11.40 Sunday evening. One member of the crew an enormous iceberg ahead, but the Titanic in time. The collision a hole 100 meters wide in the side of the ship.
Midnight. Captain Smith women and children into the lifeboats. There only 16 boats, enough for 1178 people.
1 a.m. Monday, April l5th. All the lifeboats had left the Titanic. Most of the men and crew were still on board the ship
2.00 a.m. The lights went out and the Titanic to sink. 2.22 a.m. The Titanic .
Monday morning. One ship, the Carpathia, in time to pick up those in the lifeboats. In New York no one worried about the news of the collision. The morning newspapers read :”All saved from the Titanic”.
Tuesday, April l6th. The Carpathia New York with all the survivors- only 700 people. The world shocked by the news. The Times said "We now know the Titanic was completely alone in her agony." 1,503 people died - 823 passengers and 680 members of the crew.