Hi welcome to WatchMojo.com I am Christine and today we're continue our travel series with a at Switzerland
One of the beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland, has been the destination for many tourists for .
With a population of approximately 7.5 million, it is situated in central Europe, east of France, north of Italy with an of almost sixty thousand square miles, it is a relatively small and country.
The of Switzerland is Bern while its two economic centers are Geneva and Zurich. At anytime, as you travel around the country, you’ll hit many different climatic conditions. The continental in the Alps to show the greatest extremes between summer and winter. Mid-August to late October generally has fairly settled and it is a good for hiking trips.
elevation causes and because its mountainous character, it is not uncommon to move from cold and rainy weather to a clear day in just a few minutes. temperatures usually occur between December and March, although the temperature rarely fall down below forty-one degrees Fahrenheit.
Switzerland is a truly adventure for all those who want more than just the seaside. It is made up of three basic topographical areas : the Swiss Alps, the Swiss plateau and the Jura mountains. The Alps comprise roughly sixty of the country's total area making it the second most alpine country after .
Hotels and tourist started to be built mid century. The glacier takes travellers to the Alps by train and journeys from Saint Moritz to the ski resort Zermatt.
Sports are an part of Switzerland’s national life. Fittingly for a country made up a tall mountains, Switzerland in venues for winter sports. The country boasts dozens of major ski resorts and has an extensive system of marked cross-country ski trails.
Swiss have performed with excellence at every level of winter sports competition and notably at the winter Olympic games.
Switzerland has something for you, whether your idea the perfectly vacation is in a world of breathtaking vistas or pampering yourself in a lap of luxury.
Switzerland maybe neutral but it's certainly not flavourless.

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