Bruce Springsteen in concert

When I , me and my dad go at it almost all the time, over almost anything, but, I really long hair, way down past my shoulders. I was 17 or 18, oh man, he , and we got to where we'd fight so much that I spent a lot of time out of the house. And in the summertime, it wasn’t so bad cos’ it was warm and the friends were out, but in the winter, I staying downtown and get so cold and when the wind blow, I had this phonebooth I and my girl like for hours at a time, just talking to her all night long, and finally, I got my nerves up to go home and there in the driveway and for in the kitchen and I’d tuck my hair under my collar and I walk in and he call me back to sit down with him and the first thing he always ask me was what did I think I was doing with myself and the worst part about it was that I could never it to him. I remember I got in a motorcycle accident and I was laid up in bed and he had the barber come in and cut my hair, and man, I can remember telling him that I hated him and that I would never ever forget it. And : « man, I can’t wait till the army gets you. When the army you, they’re gonna make a man out of you, they’re gonna cut all that hair off and they ‘ll make a man out of you ». And this was in, I guess, in 68 and there was a lot of guys from the neighborhood going to Vietnjm, I remember the drummer of my first band coming over to my house with his on, saying that he was going and that he didn’t know where it was and a lot of guys and a lot of guys didn’t come back and those who back the same anymore. And I remember the day I got my draft notice, I hid it from my folks and 3 days before my physicals, my friend and I we out all night and we on the bus to go that morning, man, we were all so scared. And I went, and I failed, I came home, I remember coming home after I’d been gone for 3 days and in the kitchen and my mother and father were sitting there. My dad said «  », I said « I went to take my physicals », and he « what happened? », I said « they didn’t take me » and he said « that’s good»

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