The old Pirate

An old pirate was sitting alone, at a table, in a bar. He was drinking a glass of and smoking a pipe. He was an eye patch, he had a leg his real leg, he had a hook for his right hand and a parrot on his shoulder.
A sailor came into the bar and down with the old pirate and they to chat.
The young sailor 'how did you lose your leg Sir ?'
‘Arrr ! ,’ said the pirate, ‘You see, when I was on my ship, I overboard and there were sharks circling the ship. Me (=my) men to pull me back up onto me (= my) ship before a shark with it ',
'Wow, what a life full of  ! And how did you lose your arm Sir?' He asked.
‘‘Arrr ! You see, I was attacking another ship, and I was fighting another pirate, and he it off!’
‘Wow, what an life!’ and how did you lose Sir ?
‘‘Arrr ! You see, I was eating a grapefruit, and a of juice juice into me (=my) eye.’
‘But I don’t understand. How you lose your eye with a drop of grapefruit juice ?’
‘Arrr, well, you see’, it was me (=my) first day with the metal hook son.

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