The old Sailor

So an old was sitting in a bar. He was smoking a and drinking a of rum. He had an eye patch on his eye and a on his and a wooden leg, and his right hand was in fact a hook. A young came up to him and he started talking with him about his at sea, and the young sailor asked
‘How did you lose your leg Sir?’
‘Arrr! ,’ said the pirate, ‘Some were circling the and I fell overboard. My men managed to pull me back onto the ship before the sharks me completely, still one of the sharks got me (=my) leg.’
 ‘Oh, alright, and what about your hand? How did you get that hook on your hand, how did you it?’
‘Well, I was boarding a ship when sailor cut off me (=my) hand with a .’
‘Wow, that’s incredible! What a life full of adventures!’ said the man. ‘And what about ? How did you lose that?’
‘Well, I eat a grapefruit and the juice came up into me (=my) eye.’
‘But I don’t understand. You can't lose lose your eye from the grapefruit juice?’
‘Arrr!’ said the pirate, ‘I wasn't to my new hook yet .’

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