The old Sailor

An old pirate was in a bar. He a pipe and drink a glass of rum. He wearing an eye patch and he had a parrot on his shoulder and a leg. Instead of his right hand he had a metal . A young sailor was chatting with the pirate and he asked him about his adventures at sea.
‘So, how did you your leg?’, the young man asked the pirate.
‘Arrr! ,’ said the pirate, ‘You see, some were circling the ship when I fell overboard. Luckily, my men pulled me back onto the ship before the sharks ate me completely, but one of the sharks got my .’
 ‘And how about the hook on your hand? How did you lose your ?’
‘I was boarding a ship when another sailor my hand with a .’
‘That’s amazing! What a life full of adventures!’ said the young man. ‘And how about your ? How did you lose that?’
‘I was eating a when the juice went into my eye.’
‘But I don’t understand. How did you lose your eye from the grapefruit juice?’
‘Arrr!’ said the pirate, ‘I my new hook .’