Physical description

I'm going to say a few words about the way I and what I like wearing.
I am quite tall for my , I am 5 foot 9 and I am only 13. That's because my mum is very tall . My dad is of average height. I am slim and I have broad shoulders. I have blue eyes, my dad, and short curly brown hair. People always say that I my dad. I don't have glasses, I have a near my mouth, between my lips and my nose. I don’t have any freckles or dimples.
I often wear jeans and sweat shirts and . In winter, I always have a leather jacket . I don't like wearing tracksuits. I don't wear any except for my watch.
I always wear earrings on, my favourite are silver hoops. I don't wear much makeup, only . I usually paint my , often in pink or purple. I often wear trousers and tops, but I sometimes like wearing a dress or a . I wear heels or boots.