Ruben Hendy tells us about his family.

My is years old, her name is Suzan, and my is years old. His name is Karl. I'm because my parents are still .
My mother . She works 5 so she has on weekends. She her job very much because the are fun to work with. My father is . He works in an in Laroque-Gageac. He works 3 , but only works in the mornings. He his because he likes plants, especially big plants.
I have one who is 19 years old. He works . I get along very well him, that he is always in the bathroom in the mornings. I also have 2 . One, Georgia, is 5 years old, but she's very because she all the time. And the , Rachel, is 22 years old. She is studying as an . I like her very much, she is funny.
I have a lizard called Sciler. He is one long and very . I a lot of playing with him. I also have a bulldog Betty Boop. She is very small, but she has character.
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