Listen and fill in the gaps.

Booking a room at the Big Apple Hostel in New York - part 1

Receptionist : Big Apple Hostel, can I you?
Caller : Hi, me, am I at the Big Apple Hostel?
Receptionist:Yes , how can I help you?
Caller: I would like to a for 2 .
Receptionist: Certainly Ma'am, what would you and ?
Caller: I'll be arriving on and it would be July
Receptionist: So, the 11th to 16th, that's 5 , right?
Caller: Hum, 6 actually, the 16th
Receptionist: Ok 6 nights, let me see (…). We have or for 2 . What you ?
Caller: I've seen on your website that the for one night for a bed in a room for 4 is $43, is that right ?
Receptionist: That's , included.
Caller: OK, so I'd like to make a for 2 people, 6 nights, starting on July to July included.
Receptionist: I your please?
Caller: Julie HUDSON, like the river.
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