NYC guide welcoming tourists

Hello everyone. Here's our programme for tomorrow.
The good news is that you can sleep in a bit later tomorrow. We will leave the hotel at . Our first visit will be the MOMA Museum which opens at . We don’t want to get there too early as when the museum opens. So we will to get there around 11. We will take the train to th Avenue/rd Street station, and then, we will take the B train to th-th Streets, the Rockefeller Center Station.
I will give you your tickets for the museum. They cost $, or 18$ for , but those of you who have purchased the full package pay since the price is included in the trip. I must warn you that your bags be searched. You will to take some photos but only in the collection. You use or . You can take videos but only in the lobby. If there are artists among you, you may draw in the galleries but only on a book which is 21.6x27.09 cm or smaller. The drawings can only be made with or ; and are forbidden. You mustn’t use or and it’s also forbidden to to draw. If the galleries are too busy, some guards could tell you that you must stop drawing or writing.
In the museum, you will see works by , like the Marilyn Monroe’s. There are also ’s, ’s and ’s. The MOMA is an amazing museum and I am sure you will be thrilled with it.
We will finish the museum visit 2 o’clock. We’ll have lunch either at the Bombay Palace or at the Soba Nippon, both located on 52nd St. Whether you’re a fan of food or cuisine, I guarantee you’ll have an excellent meal.

At around 3.30, we’ll will go to Rockefeller Center. We will take the B Train to 47th-50th Streets- Rockefeller Center Station.

Rockerfeller Center is a city in the city, it is composed of 19 buildings containing offices, shops and restaurants. It was built by John Rockefeller Junior. We will start with a visit to , which was built in 1932. It is one of America's favorite examples of Art Deco architecture. It is a , which has hosted many great people, including Charlie Chaplin. Then, we will continue the visit to one of the most famous and most important buildings: the (or General Electric) Building. It was completed in . It is meters tall and has storeys. The GE Building is the in New York City. It is special, because it has a , which was unusual when it was built. From there we will make the climb up to the “Top of the Rock”. It is at the top of the GE Building and it’s an which offers unique views of Central Park and northern Manhattan.

After that, we will visit the . They are in the GE Building and they are the studios of the national television channel NBC which stands for National Broadcasting Company. They have been open since . I’m sure you will find the visit very interesting.
We should finish the visit around 6:00. We will then take 5th Avenue to make our way to Central Park where a ride is scheduled. It is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the Park. Just sit back and relax in a stylish coach while you take in some of Central Park's most popular attractions.
The will be waiting for us at at the corner of Central Park who want a ride back to the hotel.
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