NYC guide welcoming tourists

Good morning people. My name is Deborah Mc Alister, and I will be your guide your stay.
On behalf of TravelTour, I’d like to welcome you to New York City. I hope you've had a flight and I'm sure you're all looking forward to a good shower and getting a taste of the Big Apple.
And don't , I've made sure that all your are in the bus !
At the moment, we’re in on our way to Manhattan which we should reach in about an hour. You should be at your hotel, the « Big Apple Hostel » at around . If that's ok with you, we will meet in the restaurant room for lunch at 1, which leaves you one hour to unpack your suitcase and take a shower.
Please have a look at the brochure I've just given you. You will find in it my . Don't hesitate to contact me at any time . You will also find, on page 3, a map of Manhattan and a map of the neighborhood around the hotel on page 4. As you can see, there are lot of things to do and many landmarks are situated within walking distance.
This afternoon is free. The hotel is between Central Park and the Empire State Building. So you may in Central Park, visit the Metropolitan Museum or walk down 5th Avenue to the Empire State Building which is located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 34th Street. Please let me know if you need anything.
Tomorrow, on Monday, we'll to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The bus will pick us up at 8 to take us to Battery Park to catch the first boat at 9.30 to Liberty Island. I must warn you that we as there will be a lot of people. We'll stay there 2 and a half hours, which should give you to go up to the crown, visit the statue museum which is located in the pedestal and at the cafe. Around noon, the boat will take us to Ellis Island, and we'll visit the Museum of Immigration.
We will be back in Manhattan around 4. The bus will at Battery Park and bring you back to the hotel. There, you can rest or have some time to yourself.
For those who are interested, I have booked an excellent and renowned Thai restaurant for 8 o'clock. And please remember that our , The Lion king, is scheduled for 9.30. You don't have to pay for this as it is included in the stay.
So tomorrow at 8. ?
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