Travel guide - Norway

This country was once the home of the . Welcome to Watch and today, we’ll be continuing our travel series with a look at Norway.
Officially known as the of Norway, this is found in Europe. This country is also one of the nations that forms the scandinavian . With an area of almost one hundred and fifty miles, this is one of the largest countries in . However, its population of 4.9 makes it Europe second least populated country.
Norway shares much of its border with neighboring Sweden while also touching Finland and . Its city is Oslo and this is the country’s largest as well.
Norway is well-known for its beautiful landscape. In fact, some of the country’s most attractions are its vast and deep . The is a mountainous one which is punctuated by plateau in the and southwestern regions.
You’ll also encounter a number of throughout the area.
Considering Norway’s , its climate is relatively mild especially on the west . For example, in Oslo, the ranges from forty-one degrees fahrenheit in to eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit in July.
Norway is both ultra-modern and delightfully traditional in its . The country has successfully preserved a great deal of the old culture due to its relative isolation from influence until the 20th . For example, you can witness the folk rituals and practice during on the country’s day that take place each year on May 17th.
In terms of , almost ninety of Norway’s population belongs to the country’s Evangelical lutheran l church ; the of Norway.
This scandinavian country is also a great site to view reindeer, whales, and more beautiful wildlife and this helps make a fascinating place to visit.

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