Northern Norway

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This region of the country is well-known for the colourful northern lights as well as 24-hour sun and darkness at certain times of the year. Welcome to and today we’re learning more about Norway.
Tromsø is the gateway to the Arctic and the largest urban area in this region of the country. This city has been populated since the Ice Age but today it is a modern and lively region.
Found off the coast of Norway are the Lofoten Islands. This archipelago is found in close proximity to the Arctic Circle. Like much of the country, Lofoten is known for its natural beauty. This splendor is visible on the Lofoten national tourist route where you’ll pass magnificent mountains and lush pastures as well as villages, boats and small cabins. In fact, this region is also famous for its fishing and it is home to a number of small waterfront villages. One thing visitors must do when travelling to the Lofoten Islands is taste the popular stockfish that is caught here. These picturesque islands are also home to a number of activities visitors can undertake, try cycling, boating, hiking, observing nature or even flying a kite while travelling to this Norwegian paradise.
Finnmark is found in the North-East of Norway and is the least county in the country. However, Norway’s indigenous people live in this area. Finnmark is a great place to observe both the northern and the midnight sun. The region is also full of exciting and unique . Try dogsledding through the snowy countryside: let the animals do the work for you as you race over the tundra and get a glimpse of what life was like in the past. Or, visit the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Found near the border, this distinctive destination showcases local art and culture. The structure is built almost entirely with ice and snow so don’t forget to dress warmly. Not to be missed is the King Crab . See these monstrous sea animals up close and personal, then follow that with a nice meal to finish off the day.

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