Cities in Norway

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Small fishing villages, coastal towns and cities make this Scandinavian country a nordic paradise.
Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at some of the top cities and municipalities found in Norway.
Norway is home to both cosmopolitan cultural and quaint rural villages. Waterfront towns allow visitors and locals to enjoy the ocean, lakes and that lie near the country.
Stavanger is a historic region in Norway and is also one of the country’s cities. This city has recently grown in prominence due to its emerging oil industry and was voted one of Europe’s top cultural capitals.
Tromsø is known as the gateway to the and is packed with culture, history as well as a beautiful landscape and skyline. Cruise ships pass near the city and offer striking views of coastal Norway.
Andenes is a town in Norway and it is most famous for its whale safaris. Climb on a boat to get a glimpse of these sea creatures in their natural habitat.
The Hardanger region, found in the west of the country, is one of the most important areas in Norway for . In fact, roughly 40 percent of Norway’s fruit comes from his area.
Flåm is a village in Norway and a popular spot for tourists. One of the most visited attractions is the Flåm railway that runs through the mountains. It allows visitors to observe gorges, waterfalls as well as mountains and farms.
If the train is not your thing, hop on a bike or try a tour boat to take in a scenery.
Beitostølen is a small village with few residents. It is very popular with tourists due to its beautiful snowy climate and plethora of activities.

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