Pronoms réfléchis et réciproques

Complètez avec un pronom réfléchi ou avec un pronom réciproque.

1) He didn't ask for any help, he did it .
2) They met at the beginning of the year and they saw a lot.
3) She said to : "This boy is cute!".
4) I asked him if he could help me and he told me to do it .
5) If we don't help , we will never manage.
6) He hurt quite badly during the match.
7) We'll have to do it if we want it to be done correctly.
8) These people have been fighting against for years.
9) If we can't trust now, there's no point in trying to negociate a deal.
10) The teacher told her to try to do her exercise instead of trying to get someone else's.
11) These peoples should help instead of going to war against .