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Observe bien les couleurs pour les structures 1, 2, et 3.
Structure 1 : hypothèse certaine.
If you tell him, he will do it. Si tu le lui dis, il le fera.
Temps : présent dans la subordonnée, WILL + Bv dans la principale
Structure 2 : hypothèse incertaine:
If you told him, he would do it. Si tu le lui disais, il le ferait.
Temps : prétérit modal dans la subordonnée, WOULD + Bv dans la principale.

Structure 3: hypothèse qui ne s'est pas réalisée. On peux exprimer un regret ou un reproche.
If you had told him, he would have done it. Si tu le lui avais dit, il l'aurait fait.
Temps : past perfect dans la subordonnée, WOULD + HAVE + participe passé dans la principale.

Consigne : Observe bien les couleurs et repère la structure. Complète ensuite avec le verbe entre parenthèses.

1) If the weather is good tomorrow, we to the seaside. (to go)
2) If you had come earlier, we not so late. (to arrive)
3) I would be very surprised if he tomorrow. (to come)
4) I after you if you make a mess. (not / to clean)
5) If I at the lottery, I would certainly stop working. (to win)
6) I you if you don't even try. (not / to help)
7) He would have understood it if someone it to him. (to explain)
8) If you tell us what you know, we torturing you. (to stop)
9) If he was here now, he' you exactly the same thing. (to tell)
10) If I more time, I could run a series of tests. (to have)