Prétérit / prétérit en BE + Ving

Complète ces phrases avec à chaque fois un verbe au prétérit et un verbe au prétérit en BE+Ving. Les verbes sont donnés dans l'ordre.

1. What you when the telephone ? [READ] - [RING]
2. How you that they to you? - [REALIZE] - [TALK]
3. The driver a cigarette when he control. [LIGHT]- [LOSE]
4. I not the accident because I the newspaper when it . [NOT / SEE] - [READ] - [HAPPEN]
5. What the driver when the police [DO] - [ARRIVE]
6. Bob the window while he football. [BREAK] - [PLAY]
7. He to change a bulb when he off the ladder. [TRY] - [FALL]
8. Who you when Sarah to you? [INTERRUPT] - [TALK]
9. I a shower when they [HAVE] - [ARRIVE]
10. she when you her? [WORK] – [SEE]
11. She a shower when someone the door. [HAVE] - [OPEN]
12. The baby perfectly well. suddenly, he a nightmare and . [SLEEP] - [HAVE] - [WAKE UP]
13. The firefighters out the fire when a gaz tank . [PUT OUT] - [EXPLODE]
14. He his keys while he after his dog. [LOSE] - [RUN]
15. The drug dealer while he to hide his bag. [ARREST] - [TRY]