Complétez avec le bon pronom sujet, complément, adjectif possessif ou pronom réfléchi.

1) My aunt and uncle are very nice people, I'm really fond of
2) She tried the cake, but she didn't like .
3) My girlfriend and I went to London. took the train.
4) Nobody helped her, she did it entirely .
5) Paul and I had problems understanding the lesson, the teacher explained it to again.
6) Don't worry about Bob and Jenna, will be alright, and it's problem.
7) The problem with is that she is always complaining.
8) She's been with her husband for 30 years, she loves very much.
9) They have been married for 30 years, and they still love .
10) Rob and Claire said to their mum : 'Mum, that's so cool, math teacher is absent tomorrow'.
11) I'm sorry, I can't help ask someone else, or do it .
12) He is sad because he loves but she doesn't love .