New Zealand

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Hi, I’m Rebecca. Welcome to and today we’ll be continue our series with a look at New Zealand.
Located in the South-Western , the country is noted for its remote location. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington whereas Auckland is its main metropolitan area.
New Zealand’s population is roughly four point two million, and are referred to as Kiwis.
With a total area of almost one hundred and five thousand square miles, thirty per cent of New Zealand's land is forested and much of the country is .
Volcanic activity is also abundant as the country sits across the border of two tectonic plaques. The in New Zealand is a temperate one, varying between cool and warm.
New Zealand is influenced by Britain and the country Maori’s roots. New Zealand is also part of .
English is still the most widely used language.
Despite the fact that it is relatively , New Zealand is an country that is welcoming to all.
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