The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) - page 1

On our day in New York we to the Museum of Art (MOMA). Tickets for the were included in part of the CityPass booklet I had purchased. The MOMA is on , so you plan if you to visit. It also about $ for adults if you choose to a ticket and not use the CityPass . A good to note, however; is that there is on evenings, so that might be the to try to go.

When I entered the MOMA, I was really when the first thing I noticed was 's . I had never realized the size of this . Since I love all things Monet, this was really cool. I also enjoyed seeing some of 's and also one of his famous Marilyn Monroe paintings.
The highlight of this museum for me was seeing by . I loved looking at the brush strokes of this very famous . The museum also had works by , , as well as many other famous . The collection was interesting and fairly diverse.

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