Nathalie is talking about her best holiday.

Nathalie - My best holiday

I also to New York this summer and I was actually for the 10 year anniversary September 11. It was very strange and sad, the entire city that day to remember everyone who 10 years . I was lucky to be in New York for Fashion week, so the atmosphere was really great, and a lot of famous people in the streets, but unfortunately I anyone famous! I also the Statue of Liberty this summer, so it was a beautiful day, perfect to get the ferry boat to Liberty Island and take pictures of the statue. We could also see the whole of Manhattan, and the new World Trade Centre that is being built right now. It's almost finished. And we also visited Ellis Island, the place where all the immigrants from around the world in America during the 20th century. So that was very interesting

New York is just like in the movies, it’s magical! And it is my new favourite place in the world, and I to live there, and for all these reasons, it was the best holiday I .
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