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Nathalie - The Help

So I really really loved this film because I love this period of American history so I'm studying English literature and history at University right now, so for me a book with is very interesting, and I've always been interested in the period of American history of the and the , and the story of the help was of this. So I also think Emma Stone who plays Skeeter, is amazing in this film, it's her first and I think she acted it very well, and even though the of the story in the context is very difficult and , the film is full of very very funny moments and the who play Minny and a Abileen are also very good and very funny and you get completely involved in the film.
So seeing this film has made me want to , so that I can them, and this film to anybody and it's to me it's one of the best films I've seen in the past year.

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