Nathalie is talking about an article she has read.

Listen and fill in the gaps.

Nathalie - the last article I read

So, in England there are still a lot of single-sex schools, especially in schools. Most state-run schools in England are now mixed, with boys and girls being educated in the same class. But there are still private single-sex schools in Britain, a lot of the time they are also boarding schools. So this whole article discuses or not single-sex schools are a for children, but most importantly for boys. So, it if single-sex schools have a on boys’ upbringing, and does it their private lives later on in their life. And the statistics show, in this article, that many boys who have been educated in an school, so a single-sex school, have had difficulties in the future with with women, and they’re more likely to experience marital breakdowns or . So it seems that single-sex education has a negative effect on boys’ , because they are not used to or having with girls or women.

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