Travel guide : Namibia - Climate and Geography

An African through this country will show you its desert .
Hi, I’m Rebecca Brayton, welcome to, and today, we’ll be learning more about the and geography of Namibia.
Located in Sub-Saharan , Namibia is a hot, dry, desert-covered country. The landscape of Namibia has remained remarkably over the last few centuries. It’s for this reason that today Namibia offers a breadth of unique natural marvels for all to enjoy.
It is also the of a number of exotic animals.
Roughly eighty per cent of the country’s terrain consist of , but that does not mean there is nothing to see.
The scenery is proof that Namibia is a country of contradictions.
With almost one thousand miles of coastline, desert expanses give way to .
The fascinating landscape is also comprised of and .
Namibia also displays making it the perfect spot for astronomers and stargazers to watch the night .
Namibia is split in two by the which helps give the country its .
It also boasts approximately 300 days of annually and is susceptible to droughts.
For slightly , travel to Namibia between May and October during the country’s winter season.
With light shifting over sand dunes and deep canyons, Namibia draws a number of artists and photographers who are captivated by its landscape.