Back to school

, ah, hello.
My name is Molly.
I´m Peter. Pete.
My friends call me, Molly.
Hi Pete, !
It´s nice to meet you, too.
Are you a student here?
Yes, I am. is at 9 o´clock with Miss Taylor.
Miss. Taylor? She´s my . You´re in my class.
Where is our class?
It´s over there...
, I´m Peter. Peter Crum. I´m in your class.
Hi, Peter. .
Hello, What´s your name?
I´m Moly. I´m in your class, too.
Hello, Holly.
Uhhhh, Is that, H-O-L-L-Y?
No, It´s Molly. M-O-L-L-Y.
What´s your ?
Lin. L-I-N.
Peter Crum and Moly Lin.
Wait. Excuse me.
Are you Taylor?
No, I´m not. I´m Miss Smith.
Miss Taylor is in , 203. Over there.
Ohh, .
Have a !

Hello, Miss, Taylor?
I´m Molly Lin.
Nice to meet you! Here you are. Molly.
Hi, I´m Peter. Peter Crum.
Peter Crum. Here you are. Peter.
Ok. Let´s begin class.