Molly : Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is, I think, one of most important holidays for Americans and Thanksgiving has always been really important to my family, , it’s a day that we have always made a big to spend . I think that, you know, as much as there is a Thanksgiving meal, that most Americans probably eat, most or at least part of, every family has their own so in my family for example, it is my grandpa who makes the and my mum makes this and my dad makes the so everybody makes something different that they then to the table to share with so I think that’s, so as much as there is, you know, sort of, a Thanksgiving menu, there is a lot of as well… the things that pretty much everyone eats …of course you have to have the , that’s the most important part; there’s usually , which is that’s stuffed inside the turkey …well it’s cooked and you eat that…it’s, mashed potatoes, very important… some kind of , often like a … and of course you have the … and I think that the most traditional Thanksgiving pie would have to be pie but some people don’t like it; these are obviously crazy people because pumpkin pie is delicious but there’s also, you can eat , , so there are lots of variations.