Molly : what struck me most about France.

I think what me most about France when I first was actually how it is to the in many ways. It’s very diverse, there are people from everywhere. ..You know people are people everywhere in the world … even if they speak a language… I was struck by the of the cities; I think it’s very in the US and I think it’s beautiful and different and everywhere I go, I just have to look at all the buildings because they are so constructed and… I think that another thing that struck me, and this is for me is that stores in France in the middle of the day and this is not true in the US; stores are open from eight in the morning time at night, often eight or nine; there are stores that are open until midnight, groceries stores are open and I, , that’s something that's been difficult for me but I think that, for the most part, yeah, I’ve been struck by… how similar, everywhere in the world , is and how easy it is to, how easy but how important it is to with other people and to be able to do that in English or, you know, now in French, I think it's really neat, I think that I’m learning a lot from the people and from living here and you know, if I go back to the US, I don’t think I will ever what I learned living in France, so I think that’s cool.
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