Mistakes travelers make while on vacation

That first when you get off the plane may look good but beware! Hi I am Rebecca Brayton welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’ll be learning but some of the that make when on vacation.

Apparently people make the most while on vacation on their first 72 hours, why is that ?

Ninety percent of the people will commit a faux pas when they arrive. The first thing normally, is when you arrive from the with your bus tour and everything, and then at the hotel, before , they give you the first drink, the welcome drink with ice cubes in it and fresh and then that's it, you may already be infected. After that, you go to the , it looks just like at home or even better, so you forget about all the that you should take, and of course, you‘re thirsty, so you need to drink something, it’s hot you welcome that you should avoid, especially when the staff at the hotel tell you that 'Oh! no it’s safe, don't worry!' it is not, even in the best .

You're saying don't drink the water and don't consume the ice, what do we do then ?

Then you just need to drink boiled water, bottle water, any carbohydrated drinks, beer why not, and anything that is commercialized so in a can, fruit juice in a are safe.

So you're saying to avoid these lovely drinks that we've got behind us?

Exactly, unfortunately, unless you avoid the ice in it, so if it’s made from a prepared cocktail that is in a , and then you just pour it in your you just ask no ice please and then you‘re fine.

Finally, what are some measures that people should take to make sure they have a great vacation ?

They should get immunized before they go, they should see a family physician or an expert in travel medecine to get the proper , the proper and of course some prescriptions, you should read about the health risks, which is so easy now with the web, you can get all sort of information with excellent websites. You should also be concerned with any that you get involved with because trauma is the number one reason for death for most young travelers, and drowning are the number one cause of death. You should try to refrain from drinking too much, it doesn't mean that drinking people go away to have fun to get on a party, it's fine, but be with how much you take and, if you plan to have a lot of fun, bring what is required to yourself from sexually transmitted disease like HIV which is quite prevalent in the Carribeans and of course other sexually transmitted disease.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.

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