Listen and fill in the gaps

Une assistante d’anglais se présente à la classe. Les élèves lui posent des questions :

Assistante: Hello guys !
Pupils: Hello !
Assistante: How you this morning?
Class: fine, thank you!
Assistante: I the new English assistant. Any questions?
Pupil: What your name?
Assistante: My name Jade.
Pupil: How old you?
Assistante: I twenty-one.
Pupil: Where you ?
Assistante: Well...I in England, in Birmingham; but here, I in St Gilles.
Pupil: you a boyfriend?
Assistante: Yes, I do. His name Tom.
Pupil: you a pet?
Assistante: Yes, I 2 dogs and a chinchilla.
Pupil: you football?
Assistante: Not really.
Pupil: you hamburgers?
Assistante: Yuck! I Indian kebabs really.

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