A blend of many world , this country’s customs, , art and food are still uniquely theirs.
Hi, I’m Rebecca Brayton for and today, we’ll be learning more about the culture and traditions of Malta.
Maltese culture is a of the many different that have ruled that throughout its history. This means that local customs and traditions have been affected by neighboring Mediterranean countries as well as Roman, Arab and Semitic nations.
British rule left a number of significant . Malta’s use of the English language is one such lasting effect.
The country was also influenced under British rule in the eighteen hundreds. With the introduction of and styles, the skylines of Malta were also affected.
Malta is famous for its arts and crafts, including glasswork and lace making. A popular artistic undertaking since the fifteen hundreds, it regained popularity in the nineteenth century. Today  the is made from durable cream-colored linen.
The in Malta is typical of the Mediterranean region, featuring in season and , an abundance of seafood and the use of .
Nearby Italy is a big influence on Maltese food with pizza, pastries and being popular.
making is not a huge industry in the country, through its quality has been increasing steadily.
Despite the comings and goings of different rulers, Malta has remained one of the world’s most countries.
Traditionally, the country celebrates their religion with fireworks, outdoor processions, village fiestas and regular church masses.
A pleasant mix of world cultures, Malta is an unique nation that’s worth exploring.

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