Malta top attractions

From ancient to natural attractions, to traditional fishing villages, Malta is full of fascinating attractions. Hi! I am Rebecca Brayton welcome to and today we are learning more about Malta's most interesting attractions.

Built during prehistory, the Megalithic temples of Malta are a series of a series of found in this Mediterranean country. By 1992, each of the various temple was added to the UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.
Due to their and religious significance, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact age of these . However, they are believed to be dated between 3500 and 2500 BC.
These temples are considered the oldest freestanding constructions in the world, built using large slabs of stone, each temple features a doorway as well as a number of subsequent rooms. Decorative elements like stone carvings are found and are made from a softer limestone than the structures.

Surrounded by and filled with docks and wharves, The Grand Harbour of Malta is one of the main reasons the country is so important strategically.

The Harbour is also one example of the country's striking scenery. While much commercial shipping goes to the Grand Harbour, It is also a pleasant place to take a cruise. Witness the all-important three cities, pass by the numerous fortifications and see splendid of the country's de facto capital:Valletta.

The Azure Window is a rock arch that overlooks the . Water has worn a in the rock, creating an opening through which can marvel at the expansive see. This scenic attraction is a spot in Malta for sightseeing. Nearby is the Blue Hole, which is one of the Malta's popular scuba-diving locations, A small opening in the land, many divers use this hole to safely access the sea for their underwater adventures.

With a population of roughly 4000, Marsaxlokk is a small found on the of Malta. This town is considered the fishing capital of the island, as a majority Malta's fishing is done at this port. You'll see the traditional and very colourful Malta fishing boats aligned the bay and fishers fixing their nets. This village is also the setting for a market where seafood delights are on display for visitors to purchase.

Whether it's historical landmarks or natural attractions you're looking for, Malta is rich with fascinating spots to explore.
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