Lost - season 1 - episode 4

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The survivors have all been woken up at night by strange noises coming from what's left of the plane. They find out that boars are eating the dead bodies. Jack, Sayid, Charlie and Kate are talking about what to do with the corpses.
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Jack : Those boars were looking to . We have to get rid of the .
Charlie : them. There's a bunch in there.
Sayid : More than . Digging will be without shovels.
Jack : Not bury.We need to them.
Kate : They're .
Jack : I know they're people, Kate.
Sayid : Burning the remains. They deserve than that.
Jack : Better than what, being by ? Because that's what's gonna . Any bodies we are not gonna stay for very long.
Look, I know this seems harsh, but that fuselage in the sun -- it's not about what they . They're gone, and we're not.
Sayid : What you say be , but for us to decide how these people are laid to rest? It's not . No regard for their wishes? Their ?
Jack : We don't have to sort out everybody's .
Charlie : Really? Last I heard, we were positively made of time.
Jack : Look, I'm not about it, either. But we a thousand miles off course. They're looking for us in the . It's been . No one's come. we need to start gathering up ,dried brush. We're gonna turn that into a furnace. Wait until the goes down night before we set the .
Charlie : If he's so eager to the bodies, why are we waiting till ?
Kate : He's someone will it.