Lost - season 1 - episode 5

Listen and find the missing words

Listen to the text and find what's missing.

Episode 5 starts with a woman drowning in the sea. Bonne has gone to her rescue (he used to be a lifeguard) and so has Jack. But Boone was drowning and Jack rescued him and couldn't bring the woman back.
In this scene, Bonne is mad at Jack for bringing him back on the beach as he thinks he could have made it. Also, Jack is perceived as a leader by the group due to his ability to treat people (he's a doctor) and his natural charisma. Boone seems to be challenging that.
At the end of this scene, we see Jack having visions (or hallucinations) of his deceased father.

Boone : Why didn't you me? Hey, I' to you!
Jack : Not , man.
Boone : I have made it .
Boone : What, you' not to me?
Boone : I you to me.
Jack : You .
Boone : You have saved her.
Jack : But I save her, and .
Boone : You think you're all noble and heroic for me? I was . You're not the who what to do around here, you know that? I run a business.
Boone : Who appointed you our savior, huh?
Boone : What you the ?
Boone : Look me!
Boone : Hey, I' to you!
Boone : Look me, Jack!