Travel guide : London Top Iconic Attractions

It’s not all and red phone booths.
Welcome to and today we'll be learning more about a few London icons.
London, England is home to many legendary attractions that draw in record numbers of tourists each year.
Saint Paul’s is a famous landmark in the city and is part of the .
While the building that stands today was designed in the seventeenth , the original church found in this location was first built in the early six hundreds. It is considered an as well as a masterpiece of baroque design.
The palace of Westminster, or the Houses of Parliament, is another famous spot in London. Found alongside the right side of the  this is where the and the meet. Offically it is a royal palace and it’s one of the largest parliament houses across the globe.
Its most well-known element is its , now commonly called Big Ben. This 316 foot high tower has withstood history since 1859, and the clock is noted for its reliability. Big Ben is often cited as the most recognizable landmark in the city, and is beautiful when viewed at night due to the dramatic lighting and location near the Thames. Big Ben, along with the , is considered part of one of London’s UNESCO world heritage sites and is within walking distance of many of the city’s popular attractions
The is a guarded by the famous . However, today, these guards actually act more as tour guides. This spot is considered a UNESCO world heritage site due to its long and storied history.
The nearby Tower Bridge takes its name from the Tower of London, and is another icon of the city.
However the city’s most spectacular vistas can be seen from the . Though this massive was criticized when it was built in 1999, tourists and locals soon hurried to the “Millennium Wheel” for its landscape views. Since it measures 443 feet in height, on clear days, can see all of London from the top.
No trip to London is complete without an to . This is where the makes its official home, and as such, it has hosted  and important historical events. The Changing of the Guard is one iconic event that takes place outside the . It is free to watch, and definitely worth a visit.
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